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Guaranteed To Reach Your Audience

Nothing delivers a stronger impact than mail!

Spectrum leverages the persuasive power of direct mail to deliver carefully crafted messages to a highly targeted audience.

Political candidates and cause organizations use data-targeted mail in a variety of ways, including elections, fundraising, communicating and persuading, and mobilizing voters and people likely to support your mission.

Properly executed election direct mail allows campaigns and causes to send relevant and potentially highly personalized messages, that are difficult to ignore, directly to the mailboxes of registered voters or potential supporters.

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Why Political Direct Mail Works


Save money by mailing to specific targeted areas or addresses with postal optimization and the ideal mailer format. 

Accurate Targeting

Send direct mail to voters based on demographic , geographic, and other targeting selects to reach only your audience.


Design campaign messaging and graphics to inform your audience of your story, candidate, and mission.


Mailing Lists

We provide data-targeted direct mailing list processing services to ensure that you reach the right audience for your next direct mail marketing campaigns.

Whether it’s national or hyper-local, Spectrum can optimize your political mailing list or append using hundreds of specialty lists and preference selects.

Spectrum’s data experts will assist you to define mailing lists that maximize campaign effectiveness and improve overall return on investment.

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Capability at a Glance

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Determine Mailing Style

Our direct mail experts make it easy for you by helping to determine which mailing list approach will result in the best campaign performance.

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Types of Mailing Lists

  • Persuasion Mail
  • Issue Advocacy Mail
  • Fundraising Mail
  • Early Voting Mail
  • GOTV (Get Out The Vote) Mail
  • List & Targeted Saturation
  • Omni-Channel Solutions
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Mail List Hygiene

Our data team works to merge, purge, dedupe, NCOA, correct addresses, presort & CASS™ Certification, and more to be certain data is as accurate and relevant as possible.
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List Preparation and Segmentation

Data-driven mailing list segmentation is crucial in creating relevant campaigns by narrowly defining groups to target.

Our Work

View some example of Spectrum’s past political direct mail and cause direct mail campaigns.

Common Campaign Applications

Increase Your Impact

Increase the impact of your direct mail campaign by integrating it with multiple digital advertising technologies.

Launch your direct mail and leverage your targeted list to seamlessly serve Social Media Ads, USPS Informed Delivery®, Mail Tracking, Call & Text Tracking, Google Discovery Ads, District Targeting, YouTube Ads, and LeadMatch

Political Cross Channel Marketing

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