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Fred Camillo for selectman

I just wanted to thank you both. When I accepted the role as campaign manager for Fred, it was late in the game and I didn’t know how we could get all of our work done. When I met with you that morning I knew I had the answer. You assured me we could do it and that you would help with messaging and execution. Boy, did you!

Christine (Benner), it’s as if you live here in Greenwich! Your mailings are spot on right out of draft. Your understanding of the local happenings and players is outstanding and your style of mailings and messaging has become the calling card of our campaign. Having you at the helm of one of the most important aspects of the campaign removed an incredible stress on the campaign. And the AB effort speaks for itself! The Ds still don’t know what hit them!

Joe (Sweeney), you were always available and had such a can-do attitude whenever I needed you. Our social media presence was outstanding and the video was beautiful. I really appreciated how whenever I had a spur of the moment text request you handled it with ease. I think the final few texts were game changers especially for the down ticket folks.

The fact that you both watched the local coverage shows the passion you have for your work.

Thank you both once again, it’s always a pleasure working with you!

All my Best,

Jack Kriskey

Campaign Manager, Fred Camillo for First Selectman Greenwich, CT